BLOG POST by Peter Odgaard, CTGlobal CEO,

November 7, 2019

Identifying what’s valuable and important requires analysis and interpretation is the most important parameter, when you want to learn from your data. When there’s so much data available, how do you sift through it to find the juicy bits.

What is the best way to mine that golden data in your infrastructure?
Data is worth nothing without context, focus and direction. And, of course, accessibility. You need to be able to see it and understand it, to be able to act on it.
At CTGlobal, we have realized the value of identifying and visualizing client management data. Working closely with our enterprise customers, we have developed a unique visualization tool that draws on your existing data, on our second-to-none understanding of infrastructures, and on a technology that compiles all the bits and pieces. And we deliver it all in an easily-accessible dashboard, that is customized to your organization.
Effectively, we help you see all the shiny data points and advise you on what you can learn from them.

Cut costs and frustration
We help you spot the big nuggets and quick fixes – how to cut costs on IT performance by 20 %; and we guide you on what you should pay continuous attention to, to make sure your employees are spared endless frustration with poorly performing IT, and can have the smoothest, most efficient work experience every day.
We share our tips and tricks on what is possible, advisable and generally a good idea. This way, you don’t have to start from scratch, but benefit from our best practices on how to look at and act on your data.
We call our tool Insight Analytics – it transforms data into insights, and information into the power to act. It is essentially a software service, that collects all relevant information from your infrastructure and displays it in a customizable dashboard.

So: Should top execs be interested in client governance? Yes.
Why?: Because your organization will become smarter and much more efficient.
How?: By giving us a call, and trying out Insight Analytics.

Find out more about turning data into gold, with Insight Analytics
and how we help you get the best return on your IT investments:

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Peter Odgaard

About Peter Odgaard:
CTGlobal CEO 

Peter is an experienced CEO, who has worked in all tiers of the IT value chain, with a wide range of disciplines, including managing distribution channels, go-to-market strategy, sales management, strategic partnerships, and IT strategy.
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