Webinar: Modern Management

CTGlobal & Friends: How Modern Management helps Enterprise IT through the current crisis In this session, CTGlobal’s Kent Agerlund is joined by Microsoft’s Jason Sandys and Gert Thrane Christensen from Velux, a [...]


CTGlobal webinar: Securing your identities

Webinar: When all your business systems run in a cloud environment, it is paramount to protect identities across your organization. You are constantly bombarded with news about breaches, statistics reveal that abuse of credentials are [...]


Webinar: Modern Management – a good idea!

Listen to this CTGlobal 45-minute webinar: The buzz words are many and confusing, the different solutions and options you have are not always that clear - We will walk through how CTGlobal defines Modern [...]


Webinar CTGlobal Insight Analytics™

In this webinar, CTGlobal will demonstrate how to empower your business with Insights into your IT operations and tackle the blind spots that you know are there but cannot see! Learn how easily CTGlobal [...]