Training and Seminars

We have 20 years of experience in consulting enterprises on how to optimize their investment in Microsoft technologies by delivering down-to-earth, hands-on and customized education experiences, progressive solutions, and training.

CTGlobal is your active partner in all phases of planning, implementation, change and growth. We have some world-class experts on staff who love to share their experience and insights in training and seminars.


We believe that technical training must have high focus on practical exercises and hands on learning opportunities based on real-life challenges and solutions. All training is developed by our expert consultants and are based on their own field experience. From pre-analysis to the evaluation of the training, our certified instructors are fully engaged in providing valuable educational experiences.


CTGlobal regularly give seminars to share our knowledge with our community. We share our past experiences, present knowledge and progressive thoughts about the future of technology. Adhering to the highest standards, we will speak on topics that are relevant to our customers’ experiences, presenting and demonstrating best practices and new technology.

We offer on-demand training and seminars in:

  • Azure Governance

  • Azure Infrastructure

  • Azure Automation

  • PowerShell

  • System Center Operations Manager

  • System Center Service Manager

  • S2D

  • Windows Security

  • Windows Autopilot

  • Developing Your Strategy for a Digital Workplace

  • Microsoft 365

  • Identity Protection in a Cloud World

  • System Center Configuration Manager

  • Windows 10 Security

  • Windows 10 Management and Deployment

If you need help with anything not listed here, get in touch – maybe we can help, or maybe we can find you someone who can.

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