The Team – meet us

Microsoft MVPs

We have a bunch of MVPs on staff – in fact, compared to other consultancies, we have an inordinately high concentration of that particular species.

These guys are always engaging with their peers in the tech community, travelling, going to and speaking at conferences.

They love to share their ideas and experiences, and inspiring organizations to grow and perform, and they keep tabs on what is trending and moving inside the extended Microsoft family.

Our MVPs cover Enterprise Mobility, Azure, Cloud and Datacenter.

Senior Consultants

Flemming Appelon Christensen SC

We have a bunch of Senior Consultants, too.

These guys you might not see touring and on stage quite so often as their MVP colleagues – instead, you’ll find them digging their teeth into their area of expertise on-site with our customers, ensuring that all of the best-suited technologies are introduced at a pace that is finely tuned to match the requirements, potential and ambitions of our customers.

Our Senior Consultants are filled to the brim with cutting-edge knowledge of technology and tools – and have a ton of certificates in the technologies you need for your business.

Project Managers

On the frontlines, you meet our project managers.

They are a group of seasoned professionals, who plan the projects we get stuck into – from first assessment of our customers’ needs; to pairing the best suited consultant to solve the problem or build the solution; to negotiating and matching partner offerings to the solution; and to reviewing and assessing the results on completion, and ensuring no balls have been dropped or stones left unturned.

Our project managers are the first CTGlobalists in, and last CTGlobalists out.