Endpoint Security

Keeping all of those entry points safe

Digital attack vectors – vulnerabilities, phishing, etc. – that leave your organization wide open to cybercrime are a huge problem. Not just to your security, but to your organization’s compliance and performance as well.
Your endpoints are always the toughest to secure, and therefore the most attractive for criminals, who are looking for a way in, to attack.

Endpoint Security by CTGlobal

Things to consider

For hackers, any endpoint will do

For hackers, the easiest way to access your corporate infrastructure, is to compromise an endpoint.
And almost any endpoint will do, for a highly skilled hacker, with just a little bit of patience, a good strategy and a clear goal.

Once they are in – through an unpatched vulnerability, executable files in an email attachment, or a compromised password – your business is their oyster, and they can move around and gain access to the data they are looking to copy, steal or use to compromise your organization.
It is possible to secure both your on-premises and cloud endpoints if you use your technologies right – and of course have your processes and procedures in place, and educate your users.

Yes, you are a target!

Every organization is a target. That’s rule number one. And every user is an entry point. That’s rule number two.
Every organization has something that somebody wants: Money and intelligence – data and knowledge – are the two primary motives. Hatred is another. All very strong motives. So all organizations should assume and prepare for the worst. If you are well-prepared for when you get attacked, you can go about your other business – of growing, evolving, living.
If you know you run a tight ship, and you track and monitor your security posture continuously, you will be free to make more of the technical and human potential in your organization.

Strengthen your security posture

To stop criminals from gaining access in the first place, or stop them from doing serious harm, once they are in, you need to build and maintain a solid security posture, that includes a carefully thought-out and executed identity, access and patch management strategy.

We help you identify what you already have, what you need to replace or update, and what the best technology choices are for your specific organization – technology, and to get the best performance results.
We have worked in the enterprise client management and security space for two decades, and we have thorough insights into best practices for organizations across industries, geographies and user groups.

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