Delivering value to users, automatically

Azure DevOps is all about continuous automations and integrations development: It’s about connecting people, processes and products, to facilitate and maintain continuous delivery of value to users.
Using the collaboration tools in Azure DevOps correctly, Development and Operations are able to organize tasks, and share and deploy code and documentation.

Azure DevOps by CTGlobal

Things to consider

Must-have for toolkit

Azure DevOps is a must-have toolkit in the cloud world, if you want to reach your goal of transforming IT and speeding up your time-to-market.
Used correctly, it is ideal for deploying and maintaining resources in Azure; for tracking changes; for sharing knowledge; and for more easily planning and organizing work tasks.
Through consistent use of Azure DevOps, your organization is able to support ongoing automation and integrations development of existing and new tasks and processes, ensuring optimal effect and business impact of the services and applications in Azure.

Engage the right people

Azure DevOps is often associated with the application development of a product or service, but this approach is too narrow:
The product or service could also be a solution – an answer – to issues like ‘managing the network infrastructure’ or ‘implementing operational automation’.
Effectively, Azure DevOps is a toolbox for everyone working on delivering any services in IT.
If you can get everyone on board, it can replace processes that take up time, and free up resources for other tasks.
To successfully adopt Azure DevOps you must engage stakeholders currently engaged in building, testing, development, deployment, operating, monitoring and planning tasks.

For hammering, use the hammer

It goes without saying, that a tool works best when used as intended – you don’t use a saw, to do a hammer’s job.

As with all new things, it takes a little practice to get into the full swing of Azure DevOps, and learn how to navigate the different collaboration tools for maximum effect.
There are no rights and wrongs on how to achieve the best results – it depends on the characteristics of your people, the culture in your company and your technological maturity.
The CTGlobal team can help you get your head around the potential of the tools in Azure DevOps: Azure Boards, Pipelines, Repos, Test Plans, Artifacts and Wiki.
Based on your ambition and requirements and our knowledge of the tolls and best practice adoption, we can help you roll it out to your teams.

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