Azure Automation

Free up resources and boost productivity

The power to automate, configure and install updates across hybrid environments is what truly frees up resources, lowers cost and boosts productivity and efficiency in a modern organization.
When you can automate all of the constantly recurring, time-consuming tasks, your time is freed up to focus on work that adds business value.

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Azure Automation by CTGlobal

Things to consider

Understand what you build on

Automation is a gift to modern organizations. Automation gets things done quickly, effectively, consistently and without the element of human error.
If you can unleash the true power of automation, you can transform your organization into a powerful, agile and efficient force to be reckoned with.

To successfully plug in automation, you need a good grasp of the two most important components:
The processes driving your business – what are the most important ones and how would it impact productivity if they were automated in full or in part.
The technology you build your business on – what you have in place already, and what new tech is available out there, that can help you.

Engage the right people

Automation can replace a lot of the processes that are taking up time, and free up resources for other tasks, that can help your organization rise to the next level.
In your efforts to identify which areas of the organization to automate, you need to engage three groups of stakeholders:
– The people who are currently engaged in performing the tasks you wish to automate – pay close attention to their perception of what the challenges and potential are
– The “sponsors” the people in charge of driving the automation ambition and pay close attention to what their expectations are
– The tech experts – the people who know the automation tools and platforms, that will deliver the automation.

Identify your potential

To benefit from automation, you have to set up the right processes, using the right tools and platforms, and have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

At CTGlobal, we have some of the best automation experts on hand, to help you identify where the potential for automation is in your organization, and what you could realistically expect from a successful automation project.

We work with organizations in all industries – production, retail, tech distribution, media, energy and utilities. We help them make the right business decisions and technology choices, and implement the solutions that will yield the best results and the best return on investment.

We advise you based on your unique infrastructure and business requirements, and on our experience in best practices for automation.

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