Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management by CTGlobal is more than just a collection of tools and activities. It’s our experts helping your business embrace digital transformation, plugging into the brand new world of automation and intelligent design that will turn your organization into a truly ‘modern workplace’.

Client Governance

Do the right things, and do them right

Modern Management

Modern Management by CTGlobal

Facilitating the freedom to choose

Smart Data Analytics

Smart Data Analytics by CTGlobal

Harness the power of your data

AnyDevice with Intune

AnyDevice with Intune by CTGlobal

Flexible, secure device management


Adoption by CTGlobal

Using technology as it was intended

Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace by CTGlobal

We help set your people free

Microsoft 365

Office 365 by CTGlobal

The tools to perform and deliver

Cloud and Data Center

The journey to the clouds is exciting and full of potential. It’s also complex, and full of pitfalls. Our rather brilliant guys help you plan the voyage so you can get there in one piece, with all your assets intact, and stay up there. And they guide you along the way, to ensure you stay in control of cost and security along the way.

Azure Governance

Azure Governance by CTGlobal 100x700

Stay in control of your cloud journey

Azure Management

Azure Management by CTGlobal 1000

Free up resources, boost productivity

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps by CTGlobal

Deliver value to users, automatically

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration by CTGlobal 1000

Making choices and setting the pace

Azure Stack Hub

Azure Stack Hub by CTGlobal

Extend your powers to all corners

Azure Stack HCI

Azure Stack HCI by CTGlobal

Making the right choices for the future

Security and Identity

Whether you are on a cloud journey, planning endless and flexible storage and scalability, or transforming your workplace into a digitized and automated paradise, you have to think security and identity at every juncture. Security for your data, your people, your customers, your business. Our team will help you stay compliant and secure as you adapt and evolve.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security by CTGlobal

How do you control the sky?

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security by CTGlobal

Keeping all of those entry points safe

Identity Management

Identity Management by CTGlobal

Who’s allowed to do what?

Access Management

Access Management by CTGlobal

The hinge pin for user performance