Insight Analytics

Insight Analytics from CTGlobal

Insight Analytics™ analyzes the data from your infrastructure, and delivers a full overview of your IT organization in an easy-to-read and fully customizable dashboard. Based on the insights, you can make informed, intelligent decisions about what to fix, and what to prioritize based on facts about your specific environments.

Restart Tool

A very high percentage of users never – or almost never – restart their devices, resulting in a high percentage of updates that are never properly installed.
The Restart Tool calculates approximately how long the restart process will take, and offers users a choice on timing the shutdown.

Update Frontend Tool

The Update Frontend Tool enables IT teams to unobtrusively but effectively deploy the necessary software updates, with minimum hassle to the users, and maximum impact for the IT organization. Rather that forcing software updates through the organization, the Update Frontend tool makes it possible to customize the process.

Third-party products

Microsoft technologies are the foundation of our solutions, and we help you assess which mix of solutions and services will benefit your business.

Lenovo’s hardware for storage solutions, both on-premises and hybrid, are robust, scalable, flexible and cost efficient.

We resell Flexera’s vulnerability management software, which delivers non-Microsoft vulnerability information to our customers.

Printix’s solution offers print management through a cloud-based smart software with intuitive design that brings people and printers together.

We partner with IE on their content deployment solution Nomad which offers comprehensive self-service endpoint management and security.

Patch my PC logo

Patch My PC helps enterprises with non-Microsoft patch management by extending Microsoft Configuration Manager to deploy and patch an extensive list of third-party applications.