Project Description

Modern Management webinar

CTGlobal & Friends: How Modern Management helps Enterprise IT through the current crisis

In this session, CTGlobal’s Kent Agerlund is joined by Microsoft’s Jason Sandys and Gert Thrane Christensen from Velux, a manufacturing enterprise with solid experience working with modern management and cloud-connected workplace.

Client health is a top priority for organizations in all sectors, as they struggle to adjust and adapt to new business requirements, brought on by the changes, challenges and strains of the new IT normal of working remote, and rely heavily on IT to get the job done. In this webinar, we dive into how to organizations who have fully deployed modern management are experiencing a lot less problems in the current crisis: Client health is simply much easier to maintain, because deployment and scalability is effortless.

The panel explores how modern management helps organizations:
• Stay operational
• Improve user satisfaction
• Increase security