Project Description

How infrastructure visualization drives creativity, questions and decisions

In the webinar, Kent Agerlund, CTGlobal Principal Consultant, and Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Regional Director, and Alan Klackner, Endpoint Management Lead at consulting firm ZS Associates talk about how infrastructure data is a creativity booster in IT processes:

Key take-aways in this 50-minute webinar:

  • How to extract and utilize the relevant data from enterprise infrastructures
  • How to make data relevant to C-level
  • How to turn data into hands-on action for frontend support
  • How to use data to ask questions and drive change

Kent Agerlund demonstrates how to use Insight Analytics™ as a window into all the SCCM and Intune data within enterprise IT infrastructures.

Alan Klackner provides insights into how and why, within his organization, he and his team use data to constantly ask questions – questions that drive change, improvement and innovation.

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