Project Description

How to stay in control of your cloud journey — and improve cloud cost visibility

On premises or in the cloud? These days, it’s not either/or, but an ongoing process.

Most organizations have an on-prem reality, in part or in full. And in the past few years, many have reached a business-critical point, where they recognize the need to move to the cloud – in part or in full.

A few things are for sure:

  • It’s important to have a strategy, when you migrate to the cloud
  • Cloud is changing most of what we are familiar with, but it’s a great opportunity to bring meaningful change and value to the company
  • Cloud is a leadership decision, not an IT decision

Join cloud migration experts CTGlobal, platform development experts Lenovo, and software configuration technology experts Configit, for a panel discussion on how to stay in control, when you move your infrastructure to the cloud.

Tune in to and find out more about how you can identify and avoid unnecessary detours on your cloud journey.

Key take-aways from the discussion:

  • Common risks
  • Best practices – the five key disciplines to getting your cloud journey right
  • Where to start

Per Overgaard, Executive Director EMEA, Lenovo;
Peter Hjortkjær, Head of Global IT, Configit;
Peter Odgaard-Jensen, CEO, CTGlobal.

Mark Renouf, International Director and journalist, Oxymoron Communications