Project Description

How did Canada and Denmark, two stable and wealthy nations, experience the COVID19 crisis, when public services faced grinding to a halt? 

Digitalization levels played a key role.

This webinar – hosted by the Danish Embassy in Canada, and with panelists from Danish and Canadian municipalities; the Digital Academy at Canada School of Public Service, and from CTGlobal as enterprise IT and digitalization experts – discusses why two modern western societies, who are on a par financially, have very diverging digital conditions, positioning them differently to withstand a crisis such as the current pandemic.

Hosted by: Hanne Fugl Eskjær, Danish Ambassador to Canada

Shawn Slack, Chief Information Officer, City of Mississauga
Rasmus Ry Nielsen, Head of Digitalization, City of Aarhus
Honey Dacanay, Director, Digital Academy at Canada School of Public Service
Peter Odgaard, CEO at enterprise IT consultancy CTGlobal

Mark Renouf, International Director and journalist (formerly BBC)

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