Project Description

Webinar: When all your business systems run in a cloud environment, it is paramount to protect identities across your organization. You are constantly bombarded with news about breaches, statistics reveal that abuse of credentials are in the top 3 of attack vectors, and your users are at risk every day. You have to assume that your users’ passwords are at risk of both being exposed and that they use the same passwords for multiple services.

Listen to this 1-hour webinar and learn about:
• How to protect your user identities using Microsoft Azure Identity features.
• Which risks to consider, and which processes and products are well-suited to mitigate them.
• Identity protection – user risk, sign-in risk.
• Conditional access – validation-only; legacy authentication; security threat protection (Azure ATP and Windows Defender ATP); detecting the undetectable.
• Pass-the-hash, Pass-the-ticket and a number of other methods intruders use to gain domain ownership.

Presenter: Steven Wood, CTGlobal Senior Consultant – Security and Identity