Project Description

With thousands of attacks every hour every day, it’s time to realize that having a difficult password, setting up network segmentation to your on-premise and cloud services, will not protect your infrastructure from being breached.

“Protecting Identities” is not just a product. Implementing Privileged Access Management is processes supported by products. Learn how to protect your administrative credentials and detect if someone has been breached, and how to automate responses.

During this webinar, CTGlobal experts will tell you:

  • How to implement “Administrative tiers” to minimize exposing your privileged accounts, and “Privileged Identity Management/Just-in-time administration” to mitigate a variety of attack vectors, reducing the opportunities to obtain administrative access.
  • How to Identify, detect by monitoring users and critical infrastructure components using “Advanced Threat Protection”
  • How to combine the signaling from monitoring to automated response.

Steven Wood, Senior Consultant – Security & Identity at CTGlobal
Matt Boyd, Senior Consultant at CTGlobal