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Azure Governance – how to do it right!

In this video, Andreas Sobczyk, Microsoft MVP in Azure and CTGlobal Senior Consultant runs through what you should be aware of, when you move to the cloud.

“It’s essentially like this: It’s really easy to started in Azure, but it’s a very open data center and the consequences of getting it wrong are serious. If you’re not managing Azure correctly when you move your organization to the cloud, you will be leaving your data center wide open. It’s like building a house without walls and a roof – anyone can just walk right in, and do what they want,” explains Andreas Sobczyk.

In the talk, Andreas explains how to stay in control of your cloud journey, keeping your environment secure during and after.

Key take-aways from the talk include:

Defining corporate policy
• Business risks
• Policy and Compliance
• Process

And the five disciplines essential to getting cloud right:
• Cost Management
• Security Baseline
• Resource Consistency
• Identity Baseline
• Deployment Acceleration

Duration of the video: 30 minutes

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Andreas Sobczyk
CTGlobal Senior Consultant and Azure Microsoft MVP