Microsoft Teams

Set your end users up to work from anywhere – securely and privately

Microsoft Teams is the latest generation collaboration tool for organizations, and is part of the Office 365 platform, along with other household digital tools such as a Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Microsoft Teams has seen a huge increase in users and traffic, since office workers were sent home to work, at the start of the Corona pandemic. 

Teams has made a huge difference to enterprises and their people, enabling secure and efficient collaboration, file sharing, video conferencing and all of the other activities.

Microsoft Teams pulls data from all the Microsoft tools you are already using – SharePoint, Outlook, Notes – and sits like a shell around them, providing your end users with access and connectivity to all their data:

Your co-workers can

  • Chat and meet from anywhere
  • Collaborate over shared files
  • Set up and record conference calls

A Teams project is part of our CTGlobal Office 365 solution, and takes 1 day to complete.