The #1 IT lesson of 2020: Get on board with the Cloud-Connected Workplace

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Cloud-based enterprises who had embraced modern management and the digital workplace sailed right through the shifts in IT requirements. Here are a few pointers to how you can catch up. We have been launched head-first into a new work culture.In February, we were moving around in open office landscapes [...]

CTGlobal and ALSO Denmark formalize collaboration to increase value for the IT channel, CSP partners – and each other

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License agreements, implementation, and development of solutions that secure future SME resellers in the IT industry, are the cornerstones of the collaboration between the two companies. Copenhagen, May 5, 2020 - IT distributor ALSO Denmark and IT consultant and development house CTGlobal combine their expertise [...]

Insight Analytics customers have embraced and adopted data driven insights

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Insight Analytics has proven its worth in the current crisis, giving IT teams the data to make fast and bold decisions to keep their businesses afloat By Peter Odgaard, CTGlobal CEO April 29, 2020 In the current crisis we have seen many organizations thrown [...]

Insight Analytics v4.2: Improving operational excellence and security

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First rule of data-driven endpoint management: Keep track of variations and changes in your software, endpoints and processes. By Lisbeth Gjørup Petersen, Insight Analytics Business Development Manager April 29, 2020 Today, we have released version 4.2 of Insight Analytics™ We didn’t plan it that [...]

Insight Analytics™ version 4.2 is out now, and it’s just what you need in the current crisis

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Insight Analytics customers know exactly what’s going on in their infrastructure and new features add extra automation, more accuracy and better security and compliance Book a demo today By Kent Agerlund, CTGlobal Founder and Principal Consultant. Microsoft Regional Director and MVP in Enterprise [...]

COVID-19: How does your business get back on its IT tracks, when users flood back

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Enterprises have made security and compliance compromises, and put performance and stability first. They need a plan for how to recover Blog post by Peter Odgaard-Jensen, CTGlobal CEO. March 31, 2020 There was a time, not so long ago, when [...]

COVID-19: IT Security is bumped back. Remember to check, if updates are successful

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COVID-19: IT Security is bumped back. Remember to check, if updates are successful. A remote code execution vulnerability disclosed in SMBv3 highlights the stress enterprise security is under, with most of the workforce working from remote By Kent Agerlund, CTGlobal Founder and [...]

COVID-19 and Enterprise IT: When working from home isn’t working so well…

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Kids, dogs and spouses everywhere – all laced with heavy doses of connectivity and hardware issues: Enterprise IT struggles, when all users move from their desks to their coffee tables. Blog post by Peter Odgaard-Jensen, CTGlobal CEO. March 19, 2020. [...]

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