On December 11th 2019 we released a new version of Insight Analytics. Highlights of the release are the “History Widget” and the “Automatic Update”.

BLOG POST by Lisbeth Gjørup Petersen, Insight Analytics Business Development Manager at CTGlobal

December 11, 2019

This month, we’ve released a new version of Insight Analytics, CTGlobal’s tool for data analysis and visualization of infrastructure trends, issues and state of health. As always, the most important new features are driven by ongoing conversations with our customers. From them, we receive a number of great ideas for how we can improve their everyday user experience and how we can increase the return on their investment — both their investment in our own product, Insight Analytics; as well as all the other investments in the many components that comprise their IT infrastructure: Software, hardware, prioritization of issues and allocation of manpower to optimize performance and fixes, to name a few.

Tracking development over time
In this release, the feature we know a lot of our customers have been looking forward to is the “History Widget”. The History Widget tracks development of data points continuously, enabling our users to follow the impact of changes and decisions over time. This feature is hugely useful to those of our users —the majority —who have their effectiveness and achievements measured by how they progress and improve: Firstly, because it enables an IT team to document the effects of their efforts; and secondly, because it substantiates and displays any requirements for changes in strategy – what technology to procure, which skill sets to prioritize in a hiring process, etc.

Effectively it works like this: If you can see in your widgets that historically your organization has issues with e.g. security updates, cloud synchronization or hardware crashes and that, while everything else is improving over time as your organization adapts and matures, this particular pain point just isn’t getting any better, you will be better informed as to how — and be better equipped to qualify upwards in your organization why — this particular area needs attention and resources, when you can track how the issue has evolved historically, and identify when and where things changed.

Automatic Update saves you from manually installing new versions
Another cool feature in the Q4 release is the “Automatic Update” functionality, which saves you from having to manually download and install updates to Insight Analytics ever again:
We have redesigned the synchronization engine so that it can handle multiple connectors running concurrently. The engine is now designed to support the different types of connectors on the horizon in the foreseeable future. The Insight Analytics synchronization function will automatically pick up newly assigned connectors, and install and run them by using the new Automatic Update feature. For our customers this means that, from this version onwards, management of connectors will be handled from within the Insight Analytics web frontend, and require no actions on their end – Insight Analytics will update itself whenever a new version is released. If you are an Insight Analytics customer today, we will be in touch with you, to make sure you are all set with the Automatic Update feature.

Other features in this Q4 release include:
• Task Sequence Deployments improved
• Package Deployment widget improved
• IA Sync is targeted .NET Core 3.1
• IA Sync will log to a file rather than the Windows Event Log. Log in placed in c:\windows\temp (or %TEMP%\IALogs in service account context).
• The Dashboard View load has been optimized
• A Setting page to manage IA Sync and the connectors assigned to your IA Sync has been added.

(requires an Insight Analytics account)

I hope you will enjoy the improvements we have made – if you have any questions or suggestions you are always welcome to get in touch with me.

Have a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year,
Lisbeth G. Petersen,
Insight Analytics Business Development Manager at CTGlobal

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Coming up in the next release:
Watch this space to learn more about the next release, which includes the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Connector, combining SCCM and Intune and enabling cloud.
The Endpoint Manager Connector is due to be released in Q1, 2020.

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