Flemming Appelon Christiansen has joined the CTGlobal team, bringing many years of development experience and a vision for CTGlobal Insight Analytics that is designed to communicate information clearly to both administrators and management. Providing effective visualization and accurate data, it gives users the information needed to analyze business and make the right decisions that is brought to the users in a way that is more accessible, clear and usable.

In addition to building on the improvements, Christiansen will focus on the end user experience streamlining work flow and creating an efficient and accurate data pipeline.

“Combining common sense with technology to form simple-to-use products for complex – or simply just annoying daily tasks, is what drives me as a developer.

I have a strong passion for developing software around Configuration Manager and as CTGlobal are world leaders here, I am very honored to continue my journey as part of such a great team.” – Flemming Appelon Christiansen.

“Any time we can give our customers an added benefit that improves productivity and access, we will find a way to make it happen. Flemming will be critical to the continued development of CTGlobal Insight Analytics.” – Peter Odgaard-Jensen, CEO, CTGlobal