Yes! ‘Microsoft Security First’ is a perfectly sound strategy for the majority of organizations

Why it is a mistake to look down on Microsoft Security

By Henrik Christensen Lei,
CTGlobal Director of Identity and Security 

Criticizing Microsoft’s security solutions has long been the standard. And for many years entirely justified. But that has changed: In recent years, Microsoft has invested huge sums and resources in developing their enterprise security solutions, and it has worked. 

It is our claim – based on our experience of over 20 years as world-leading infrastructure experts – that the vast majority of companies will be able to raise their security to a completely adequate level, by implementing Microsoft security technologies (Defender, Azure Sentinel, Secure Score, etc.). 

The secret is integration. Integration as a guiding principle for product development is Microsoft’s great strength: Today, their security products are developed to be integrated with each other, and to create synergies that make the individual product – and thus your security – stronger than the sum of the individual parts. 

The secret sauce is synergy and integration

This is the big differentiator from stand-alone security products, which may be excellent for what they are built for, but which do not work optimally when they need to be implemented in a reality full of other products. 

The vast majority of companies today have a security strategy based on many individually procured solutions, from many different vendors, which are not properly tied together and which are not based on the most basic access and identity management processes and policies.

Microsoft has moved quickly and efficiently, and today delivers a solution portfolio based on the premise that security can only function as a whole, not as sub-elements. 

As a customer, you also become part of a huge community that has ears to the ground everywhere, and is constantly developing new defenses against attacks. 

Time and again we see that the vast majority of companies are not able to secure themselves as well by “doing it themselves”, but can rest assured that Microsoft is continuously and consistently far superior to what they can hash together DIY-style. 

(And a bonus: When you choose one overall solution, it is easier to place the responsibility and find solutions if something does not work. And easier to manage cost …)

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About Henrik Lei:
Henrik Lei joins CTGlobal after having held positions as CISO at Velux A/S; CISO at LEGO A/S; and CTO at Orange Cyberdefense. He has worked in information security since 2002 in and with international enterprises.

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