The latest vulnerability, Meltdown, is potentially far more dangerous than the vulnerabilities we have ever faced. What makes Meltdown especially dangerous is that it allows a malicious hacker to wrap code on an infected computer completely beyond the computer’s operating system, thus beyond the security software on the computer.

Meltdown affects all the latest versions of Intel Core processors, found in Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. This means that most of the modern computers are at high risk.
Unlike existing vulnerabilities, Meltdown is not found in the software but in the hardware of the computer and is placed in the subsystem called Intel Management Engine (ME).

“Intel Management Engine performs tasks while the computer is booting, enabling businesses to remotely update their employees’ computers. ME acts as a separate CPU which means that a hacker can actually exploit the Meltdown vulnerability to wrap code on the attacked computer beyond the operating system and making it impossible for the traditional security software to detect the attack” – Kim Larsson, Director of Business Development at CTGlobal US.

Proof-of-concept exploits have proved ( that using Meltdown, a malicious hacker can read the contents of the attacked computer’s memory that may include passwords and sensitive data stored on the computer.

Losing data such as the company’s IP or sensitive personal can cause serious problems for the companies, especially now when the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) enters into force on May 25, where such data loss would not only be very expensive but also damage the reputation.

Vulnerability in hardware means a more complex task of updating the affected computers because a normal software patch will not be enough. A firmware update is required for the processors therefore an update cannot be squeezed out as it would normally be the case with OS or application vulnerabilities.

In addition to the firmware update, a patching of the OS must be completed as well and the security software must be updated accordingly.

The Required Insight

Due to the above-mentioned facts, many companies have lost the insight of the company’s patch level in general and specifically the patch against Meltdown.

That kind of insight is extremely important and our CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ (CIA),,

provides that by visualizing the patch level.

Furthermore, the information about all the computers in the company’s domain is collected and our ‘widget’ can show the company’s total patch level.

This eliminates guesswork and it is possible to read directly on the dashboard how far the patch process is and how secure the company is against a Meltdown attack.
Our ‘widget’ shows how many of the company’s machines have completed the required update and thereby gives you the big picture. Our Meltdown report contains all the details that show exactly how far each machine has reached in the entire upgrade process.

“At the same time, the report also shows which checks are compliant or non-compliant and in that way the IT department will exactly know where to take action so the entire company is patched up to resist Meltdown” – Kim Larsson, Director of Business Development at CTGlobal US.

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