CTGlobal’s data gathering and visualization tool Insight Analytics is popular with enterprises in the Nordics and US, and Lisbeth Gjørup Petersen joins as DK Business Development Manager to strengthen customer adoption and value.

Copenhagen, Denmark – May 15, 2019 – CTGlobal, the IT consultancy and development company focused on cloud, data center, security and enterprise client management, and five times Microsoft Gold Partner, today announced Lisbeth Gjørup Petersen as new Business Development Manager for Insight Analytics in Denmark.

Based on 20 years of experience as expert IT consultants to enterprises, CTGlobal has developed Insight Analytics, a software solution designed to generate, gather and visualize data from IT infrastructures. Insight Analytics has proven very popular with CTGlobal’s customer base, and Lisbeth Gjørup Petersen is now joining the team to strengthen the customer journey – from onboarding to adoption, to ongoing value creation and user satisfaction.

Lisbeth Gjørup Petersen has extensive experience with enterprise adoption of IT, having worked with IT project management in large Danish organizations, including Copenhagen and Frederiksberg municipalities, and the Danish National Police:
“I am very glad to join CTGlobal, and to have the opportunity to be instrumental in bringing insight and best practices to our customers. I have worked with CTGlobal from the customer side on several occasions, benefitting from their technical know-how and understanding of the challenges enterprise IT teams face in all phases of organization-wide projects. It is exciting to become part of the team, and to get the chance to work with the customers at all stages of the journey, from selection to implementation and adoption,” says Lisbeth Gjørup Petersen.

Adding value and meeting expectations
The addition of a dedicated Insight Analytics business development manager in Denmark is part of a more intensive go-to-market strategy for Insight Analytics, and is timed with preparations for the launch of version 4, due to be released later this year.
Insight Analytics was originally developed as an internal tool, which CTGlobal’s consultants could apply to visualize the state of health of the complex infrastructures they were working on. The insights generated by the tool proved very useful to IT teams, who quickly saw the value of being able to identify and prioritize issues that impact performance, security and compliance throughout the organization. In 2015, the tool was commercialized and made generally available to businesses everywhere.
The upcoming version 4 has a greatly improved and more intuitive user interface to ensure a smooth and actionable workflow, as well as additional reporting functionality. It is being developed in close collaboration with existing customers, and adding Lisbeth Gjørup Petersen the CTGlobal team is in large part to ensure customer requirements and expectations to the product are met:
“Lisbeth has a great deal of experience in deciphering IT management objectives and priorities, and adapting those to resources and workable priorities for IT pros. These skills are valuable in ensuring that we meet our customer’s actual needs, and can deliver the full value of Insight Analytics to their organization, and I am very pleased to have her on the team,” says Peter Odgaard, CEO at CTGlobal.


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