The move to modern management – from on-premises to cloud technology – is causing dramatic shifts in enterprise infrastructures. The changes bring enormous potential – as well as a large workload for IT teams and a good strategy.

Copenhagen, Denmark – February 18, 2020 – CTGlobal, the IT consultancy and development company focused on cloud, data center, security and enterprise client management, and four times Microsoft Gold Partner, today announced Kennet Petersen Eng as new Senior Consultant for Client Management focusing on modern management, in Denmark.

The newest member to the CTGlobal family is Kennet Petersen Eng, who joins CTGlobal as a Senior Consultant in Client Management. Kennet has extensive experience working with all things client management, in a mix of project management and operations —client-side configuration management, patch management, Active Directory, and application and OS deployment. For the past 17 years, he has been working as a consultant with Danish consultancy house NNIT.

“We are very glad to have persuaded Kennet to join us — Kennet is well-versed in Configuration Manager and modern management, and is the perfect addition to our client management team. In addition — and just as important as his impressive set of qualifications – he is a very likeable guy, who fits right in with the team, and has been well-received by the customers,” says Bo Rejnholt, Global Program and Consultant Manager at CTGlobal.

Kennet Petersen Eng

Kennet Petersen Eng, CTGlobal Senior Consultant in Client Management

Kennet joins CTGlobal’s Client Management Team at a time when everything is moving very fast – for CTGlobal, who is experiencing high demand on consultancy services from enterprises in both Europe and North America; but also, for the individual organizations, CTGlobal works with:
“The shift from on-premises to cloud technology and modern management is causing dramatic shifts in infrastructures across industries, geographies and business sizes. The automation and scaling capabilities inherent in modern management bring enormous potential — potential to grow and excel, but also potential to fail. The result all comes down to how well the move to cloud, that is the prerequisite for modern management, is handled — effectively, how carefully the foundational technology is planned and executed. Most organizations need specialists to address that challenge, in part or in full,” says Bo Rejnholdt.

Times of change generate exciting IT projects
The migration is happening in as many different paces as there are organizations: Some are moving fast, and making radical and game-changing decisions to migrate as quickly as possible. Others, particularly organizations with a lot of legacy systems, need to take a more conservative approach and undertake the transformation in stages, to keep it all together and not compromise security and performance in the process. There are a number of dependencies that need to be aligned and controlled, depending on the size and nature of the business you are dealing with.
“With so much going on in enterprises at the moment, for me joining the CTGlobal team is a perfect opportunity to work with everything the cloud solutions offer, in terms of both challenges and possibilities. I will get to join some very exciting and complex journeys, working alongside some of most brilliant minds in the industry, and get my hands on projects that involve cutting-edge technology,” says Kennet Petersen Eng, about his new role.

About Kennet Petersen Eng:
Kennet Petersen Eng specializes in: Configuration Manager, modern management and core Microsoft infrastructure, particularly transitions, migration and upgrade projects. He has a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry, and is a strong Project and Change management professional, skilled in Windows 10, office 365, Application and OS deployment, Group Policy, Active Directory, ITIL, and Powershell/VBScript.
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