Scalable and flexible license management is key to staying in control of cost, when businesses migrate to the cloud. Jesper Lauritzen has just the right background to help CTGlobal’s customers adjust and optimize their software license consumption.

Copenhagen, Denmark – March 18, 2021 – CTGlobal, the IT consultancy and development company focused on cloud, data center, security and enterprise client management, Microsoft Advanced Specialization partner and five times Microsoft Gold Partner, today announced that Jesper Lauritzen will head up the company’s CSP business and focused efforts to ensure customers have control of their software license cost.

Software license consumption is one of the more complex aspects of cloud management. A lot of organizations struggle to control their software licenses when they migrate to cloud solutions – whether it’s all-cloud or hybrid. 

And unless managing Microsoft software licenses is just about all you do every work day, it can be very difficult to keep up with Microsoft’s license structure. For midsized to large companies there are two very different ways to acquire cloud licenses: One is a three-year “Enterprise Agreement”; the other is the more flexible CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) agreement. 

The Enterprise Agreement only lets customers scale up and sometimes down their on licenses on the annual renewal date, and requires them to count and report all current licenses to Microsoft. It also offers a level of support that is inadequate to most customers, who therefore opt to purchase additional support from Microsoft – the expensive “Unified Support” product.

Scalability in cost, too

The alternative to the rigid Enterprise Agreement is the far more flexible CSP agreement. The CSP agreement allows businesses to scale their licenses up and down on demand, each month. 

During the Corona pandemic, a lot of businesses have used this feature to scale down license consumption during slow periods – and with it their license cost, saving them a lot of money when times were uncertain or tough. 

“A CSP agreement is the best option for the majority of organizations. It’s the modern way of managing software licensing, because it is more flexible and scalable than the old ways. It is often also cheaper than an enterprise agreement with Microsoft, and easier and cheaper than having your own license management team on the pay-roll,” says Jesper Lauritzen, CTGlobal’s new head of CSP Business Development.  

In addition to much greater flexibility and scalability in licensing, in the CSP agreement comes with support. However, it is not Microsoft itself, but the CSP partner selling the licenses, who delivers support to the customer. Consequently, it is important to choose a CSP partner carefully: Customers must be able to trust that the CSP partner knows their stuff – that, in addition to managing day-to-day software license issues, the partner can also provide qualified technical support, if something’s not working. 

CSP agreement must come with technical expertise

Jesper Lauritzen brings with him extensive experience in CSP services, and has previously held positions on all sides of the CSP business: customer, vendor and provider. Consequently, he knows the pros and cons of the CSP set-up:

“The CSP agreement you have is of course only as good as the service your CSP partner is able to provide. A cloud solution provider must have a thorough understanding of your infrastructure and business requirements. They must also have the technical expertise to be able to deliver the fixes and solutions to issues that arise along the way. That level of expertise is unfortunately quite rare in the industry. But CTGlobal has it, and that is why I am looking very much forward to offering high-quality CSP services to CTGlobal’s customers,” says Jesper Lauritzen about his motivation for taking on the role at CTGlobal. 

He is pleased to join CTGlobal just as the company has been awarded the prestigious status of “Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialized Partner for Windows Server and SQL Migration to Azure”:

“It is a seal of approval that clearly demonstrates CTGlobal’s expertise in Microsoft’s cloud offerings. This status, made possible by the many cloud and data center experts on the team, is ample proof that our consultants are the go-to guys when it comes to all aspects of cloud solutions. It is clear that they have an unparalleled understanding of cloud, and can automate their way out of anything,” says Jesper Lauritzen.

Experience and integrity are key qualities

CTGlobal CEO Peter Odgaard-Jensen is very pleased to have Jesper Lauritzen head up CTGlobal’s CSP offering:

“Jesper has all the best qualities for this role – he comes to us with three important sets of experiences: He has worked as an IT project manager in a number of organizations, and therefore understands where our customers are coming from; he has worked for Microsoft, and is able to match their offerings and translate their world-view to meet our customer’s requirements; and he has worked for a CSP provider in the past, and therefore understands the importance of quality in service delivery,” says Peter Odgaard-Jensen.

“In addition to his professional skills and background, Jesper is a very likeable guy – he is down-to-earth, has a good sense of humor, and high integrity. Those are personal traits we value in our team, and we are extremely happy to have him on board,” concludes Peter Odgaard-Jensen.

About Jesper Lauritzen

Jesper Lauritzen joins CTGlobal from SoftwareOne, former Comparex. He has also worked as Technical Sales Specialist at Microsoft, and held a number of IT project management roles in private sector companies.

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About CTGlobal

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