Copenhagen, Denmark – September 13, 2022 – CTGlobal welcomes Jan Andersen as Senior Consultant to the Cloud and Datacenter Team. 

With more than two decades of experience, extensive certifications, and a clear dedication for sharing knowledge, Jan is heavily skilled in Infrastructure, Azure, Active directory, PKI, Certificates, Load Balancers, Security and Identity and hopes to fortify the CTGlobal team’s strength. 

“I have known CTGlobal for ages and being able to tap into the high level of industry talent that CTGlobal is known for, is exciting to me,” tells Jan Andersen.

Considered across the industry as a trusted colleague and resource, integrity and expertise are in Jan’s DNA.

“We are very excited to have Jan as a tech veteran on board. He knows the industry very well and will be an invaluable addition to CTGlobal. Jan’s multi-pronged experience equips him to uniquely identify and address the needs of customers and the market,” says Peter Odgaard-Jensen, CEO at CTGlobal.

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About CTGlobal
CTGlobal is an IT consultancy and development company focused on cloud, data center, security and enterprise client management. The corporate HQ is based in Denmark with offices in Nordics, Baltics and North America. The company was founded in 1999.

CTGlobal is Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialized Partner for Windows Server and SQL Migration to Azure; and Gold Partner in Application Integration; Windows and Devices; Cloud Platform; Cloud Productivity; and Datacenter. CTGlobal’s experts speak and teach at leading international seminars and conferences. 

CTGlobal helps enterprises maximize return on their investments in Microsoft Systems Management and cloud platform solutions, by analyzing and visualizing threats to compliance, security and performance in their IT infrastructure, and prioritize tasks and resources accordingly. CTGlobal is renowned for expert solutions and recognized as leaders in the field of management technology and infrastructure visualization.

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