What it is? A data visualization and analysis service

Insight Analytics™ is a window – a customizable dashboard – into the state of your IT infrastructure. Insight Analytics™ is an add-on to your existing client management system – Microsoft SCCM and Intune Graph. This means you already have all the data you need, to fix things.

Insight Analytics™ is essentially a plug-and-play data generating, data gathering, data analyzing tool and a visualization platform. All data processing takes place on servers and locations you trust and control.

Smart Data Analysis as a Service
As part of your Insight Analytics subscription, we provide ongoing data analysis training, to ensure that you get the full return on your Insight Analytics investment, and receive best practice recommendations customized to your business.

CTGlobal’s experts walk through the data which Insight Analytics pulls from your infrastructure with you: We help you interpret your infrastructure data to identify risk and potential.

With guidance from us, you will be able to utilize the insights to maximum effect.