Insight Analytics™

Transforming data into insights

Version 4.2 is now available!

Insight Analytics is risk management for the IT organization

With a full overview of your IT infrastructure, you can make informed, intelligent decisions about what to fix, and what to prioritize. Your decisions will be based on facts about your specific environments – not on generic best practice recommendations, or triggered by media hype about the latest cyber threat.

You will know what to do, and be able to predict the outcome of your actions. And you can make recommendations to your organization based on knowledge and analysis, rather than instinct and guesswork.

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Three reasons

Your data analyzed and made actionable

Insight Analytics™ analyzes the data from your infrastructure, and delivers a full overview of threats and potentials across your IT organization in an easy-to-read and fully customizable dashboard. The Insight Analytics dashboard gives you a clear view of the issues already affecting your infrastructure.

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Tap into our experience and expertise

For 20 years, we have helped enterprises configure their infrastructure. We have accumulated invested our extensive client management experience and expertise into developing Insight Analytics™ —effectively a data based super power to predict and assess risks to your organization.

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What it is? A data visualization and analysis service

Insight Analytics™ is a window – a customizable dashboard – into the state of your IT infrastructure. Insight Analytics™ is an add-on to your existing client management system – Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Configuration Manager + Microsoft 365) and Microsoft Azure. This means you already have all the data you need, to fix things.

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More about Insight Analytics™ from CTGlobal

Want to know more about what we know, do and think? Here are some additional thoughts and insights:

Meet CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ version 4.2

Meet version 4.2!

Full visibility to your infrastructure; more automation to ensure accuracy and efficiency; better data sources and more facts to base your decisions on; increased security; and far better compliance insights and documentation.

Insight Analytics™ Feature List

In version 4.2, we have focused on features that vastly improve your operational excellence, security posture and compliance efforts, with more automation to ensure accuracy and efficiency

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