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Cloud cost management and cloud governance is a challenge and a concern for organizations, regardless of their cloud maturity

Copenhagen, March 9 2020 – Conferences are a great place to tap into what goes on in the community: What are stakeholders talking about, worried about, and excited about. What are the trends that are specific to certain corners of the community, and which ones transcend industries, sectors, roles and organizations?
When Microsoft Ignite the Tour 2020 stopped by Copenhagen recently, the CTGlobal team was all over it: We had a lot of feet on the ground and on stage – our consultants, MVPs, business developers and management were all represented over the course of the two days – and we came home much, much wiser from all the conversations and input we had from customers, partners and the community.
The conversations were, not surprisingly, practically all about cloud – what to expect client-side, how to navigate the Azure services, etc. Whether the organization is already in the cloud, on its way there in part or in full, or not able or permitted to start the journey yet, the questions and reflections are much the same:

Concerns and reflections
“There is no question that cloud cost management and cloud governance – making sure that best practices are adhered to – is a challenge and a concern for all our own customers and for organizations in general, regardless of their cloud maturity,” says Peter Odgaard-Jensen, CTGlobal CEO.
The majority of the conversations the CTGlobal team had at Ignite the Tour centered on the journey: Cost management, security management, resource management. And they centered around what to expect on the other side: How will the organization transition to a cloud-based workday? How will ‘working smarter’ become a reality? What is the long- and short-term impact of having all one’s eggs in one basket? What does the cloud industry actually gain access to, through all the interconnected services; And how can one be sure to stay compliant and on top of rules and regulations?
In addition to these high-level thoughts, there are a ton of questions about the tools: How to make the most of them, and how to use them correctly and intelligently – PowerShell, DevOps, ARM Templates.

Excitement and expectations
“But cloud is not just about worrying – there’s also a great deal of excitement surrounding the potential of cloud, and the promise of the increased productivity, freed up resources, improved security and streamlined endpoint management it brings to the business. So, most organizations we speak to are holding their breath in anticipation of a brighter tomorrow, where they can spend their time and money on boosting performance and on being visionaries that drive the business to new heights, rather than being bogged down in administration and putting out fires,” says Peter Odgaard-Jensen.
CTGlobal expects these three areas to dominate the cloud migration conversations moving forward:
1. Cloud cost management and cloud governance: Who owns the cloud budget? And who is responsible for managing the cloud spend? These are top-priorities.
2. Optimizing cloud use in order to find cost savings remains a key concern and objective for organization.
3. DevOps is key to gain operational excellence with any cloud. The process and methodology is easy to understand but many enterprises are challenged when implementing.

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Peter Odgaard

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