What did we talk about? If you missed out, here’s a quick walkthrough:

If you didn’t make to Microsoft Ignite the Tour in Copenhagen in February – or you were there, but missed our guys on stage, here’s a quick digest of what they talked about.

We had three track speaking sessions (one by Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen and two by Andreas Sobzyk). All three sessions drew full houses, which means that approximately 900 hundred people listened, as they shared their thoughts and experiences on Azure DevOps, network and automation.

And Kent Agerlund was on stage twice – once as a moderator in a panel discussion between Andreas Sobczyk, Martina Grom and Per Larsen on disruption and cloud; and once flying solo. about Windows 10 servicing and the power of visualizing your infrastructure, to be identify issues and potential.

You can find summaries of the talks here – and we would love to hear from you, if you have questions or would like to have a chat. Reach out to the guys directly on Twitter (find their handles below), or drop us an email at info@ctglobalservices.com

Andreas Sobczyk on stage

Speaking session: Azure DevOps for IT Pro and Operations
Presented by: Andreas Sobczyk, Microsoft MVP in Azure, CTGlobal Senior Consultant in Cloud and Data Center.
Get in touch with Andreas on Twitter: @Andreas_Sobczyk

When someone says “DevOps”, peoples first response is: “Isn’t that a developer thing?” In this session, Andreas demonstrated show operations and IT pros that DevOps is for everyone – that it is in fact a must-have toolkit in the cloud world, when organizations want to transform IT and speed up their time-to-market.

DevOps is often only associated with application development of a product or service, but the product or service could also be a solution – an answer – to issues like “managing the network infrastructure” or “implementing operational automation”. In other words, DevOps is a toolbox for everyone working on delivering any services in IT. In this session Andreas took a practical look at how to utilize the toolbox from an operational IT pro perspective: for deploying and maintaining resources in Azure; for tracking changes; for sharing knowledge; and for more easily planning and organizing work tasks.

Speaking session: Building a scalable and secure Azure network
Presented by: Andreas Sobczyk, Microsoft MVP in Azure, CTGlobal Senior Consultant in Cloud and Data Center.
Get in touch with Andreas on Twitter: @Andreas_Sobczyk

Most organizations start building an Azure network using a single VNet and a VPN Gateway, but they don’t realize that they need to think a lot bigger: How should I build and segment VNets to allow scalability and security? What about firewalling? How do I monitor the traffic?

There are many important decisions to take from the beginning of the process of designing an Azure network:
Scalability and security are the two key elements to consider in your architecture.
In this session Andreas dived into how to achieve the scalability and flexibility to provide Network-as-a-Service in your organization, without losing control or compromise security, by using Azure’s native feature set. He took a deep look at all the network resources are needed to build such a network, and how to combine them in the right way, to get an enterprise-class cloud network.

Audience Andreas Sobczyk Ignite the Tour
Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen Ignite the Tour 2020

Speaking session: Automate Everything: Making a virtual gamepad for LEGO Mindstorms using PowerShell in Azure Functions & IoT Hub
Presented by: Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen, Microsoft MVP in Cloud and Datacenter, CTGlobal Principal Consultant.
Get in touch with Jakob on Twitter: @JakobGSvendsen

Jakob’s legendary Mr. Brick – the legendary cloud connected LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot, was on stage at Ignite the Tour. Using PowerShell in Azure Functions and the Power Platform, Jakob built a smart device app from the ground up in just a few minutes, and controlled the robot with a virtual gamepad! Apart from being really good entertainment, the session walks through useful skills that make life easier for IT pros, their teams and tenants, by providing easy-to-make and use interfaces for recurring administrative tasks.

Panel Discussion: Disruption – why the cloud is rocking your world
Hosted by Kent Agerlund, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP in Enterprise Mobility.
Panelists: Martina Grom, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP in Office 365; Andreas Sobczyk, Microsoft MVP in Azure; and Per Larsen, Microsoft Senior Program Manager.
Connect on Twitter: Kent Agerlund / Martina Grom / Andreas Sobczyk / Per Larsen

Moving to cloud is not just about fixing the specific issues in on-prem. To fully realize the potential of cloud, you must rethink how your organization uses IT. In this session, Andreas Sobczyk, Azure MVP, Martina Grom, Office 365 MVP/RD and Kent Agerlund Enterprise Mobility MVP/RD, discussed the pitfalls and challenges IT teams meet when throwing themselves in at the deep end. And all the Forces of Good you can unleash if, instead, you manage your cloud journey well. Key take-aways from this session were tips, tricks and learnings on adaption, deployment, security and cost management.

Panel discuss at Ignite the Tour 2020 Kent Agerlund Andreas Sobczyk
Kent Agerlund Ignite the Tour 2020

Speaking session: Driving Windows 10 servicing. How facts and insight can increase performance and free up resources
Presented by Kent Agerlund, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP in Enterprise Mobility.
Get in touch with Kent on Twitter: Kent @agerlund

Windows 10 servicing is a path we all have to walk. The question is, how smart you walk: Will you end up where you want to be? Are you taking the fastest route? Have you packed the right gear for the journey? Kent talked about how CTGlobal combines the power of Azure with CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ to visualize the entire process, and map pitfalls and potential from project start to finish. The end goal is happier, more productive user and healthier, better performing systems. And the result is a far better return on IT investments.

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Peter Odgaard-Jensen, CEO

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