Copenhagen, Denmark – January 28, 2021 – CTGlobal, the IT consultancy and development company focused on cloud, data center, security and enterprise client management, and four times Microsoft Gold Partner, today announced that Eri Kejser joins the Cloud and Datacenter Team in Denmark, as Identity and Security Management Consultant.

The addition of a new security and identity consultant is part of CTGlobal’s strategy to strengthen the company’s security offerings, and to meet the increase in demands for security solutions from enterprise customers across Europe and North America.

Through 2020, as the Corona pandemic swept across the world, it changed the way a large part of the workforce work, and put digitalization at the top of the must-haves in most companies. One consequence was that IT security became a more clear and present concern for many organizations, as IT teams grabbled with keeping infrastructures safe, and end user performance high, despite everyone working from remote.

Urgency to plug holes in foundational security
The past year has made it clear how dependent we are on well-functioning and secure infrastructures, and laid bare some of the weaknesses in the security of many organizations. As a result, there is a sense of urgency to get the security basics fixed.

CTGlobal’s experts are witnessing a gradual change in how organizations view security: Until now, there has been a focus on technology – a focus on buying the latest, most shiny, fastest, strongest piece of security tech out there.

“But one of the ramifications of the pandemic is that there seems to be an increased understanding and appreciation of how important people, processes and policies are to security. That having the newest, shiniest tool in your toolbox is not worth much, if your foundation is weak, disjointed and full of holes. Thankfully, we are now seeing a resolve in organizations to build and strengthen that foundation, and plug those holes. We are currently helping a lot of our customers by offering a ‘full service’ security assessment, by combining our unique expertise in enterprise infrastructure, and in security and identity; and supporting it with infrastructure fact displays in our data visualization tool. With these competencies, we can easily spot the issues and identify the best solutions,” says Henrik Christensen Lei, Director of Security and Identity at CTGlobal. He explains that it is the increase in demand for improvements to security, among CTGlobal customers, that has led to the recruitment of Eri Kejser:

“Eri is a strong addition to our Security and Identity team, and we are very excited to have her on board. Eri has exactly the right understanding of enterprise security, and the right security skillset. On top of that, she has just the kind of inquisitive and probing mind that is very valuable in this line of work. With her, we now have a great set of expert eyes and hands to help our customers get from the ‘talk’ to the ‘walk’ stage,” says Henrik Christensen Lei.

Building the base for future generations
Eri Kejser has worked in enterprise IT for 12 years. She joins CTGlobal from the Danish Defense Command. Before that, she worked for Bupa Global, the international health insurance company. She is experienced in a number of infrastructure and security disciplines — network; active directory; firewall/AV; database updating; cloud migration; and ITIL processes, to name a few — and a mix of technologies, primarily Microsoft and Cisco. Joining CTGlobal as a consultant, she looks forward to the variety inherent in the position:

“The consultant’s role is a good fit for me: All customers are different, with different challenges and experiences. That means you have to come up with diverse and varying solutions, matched to the specific circumstances. It also means you have the opportunity to pick up good ideas and approaches in one organization, that you can use in the next. I love attacking problems from new angles, so this line of work is just right,” says Eri Kejser. She believes that now is the time for organizations to shift to another level of utilization of, and approach to, technology and security:

“We need a paradigm shift. The digital world is here to stay. The world that was, is ending. We need to truly accept that, and embrace and understand the digital world in an entirely new way. Part of that journey is to accept that IT security is a necessary discipline — just like traffic lights, headlights and seatbelts are necessary safeguards to protect yourself and everyone around you, when you drive your car through the physical world. The kids growing up today grow up in a world that is constantly developing and evolving, and they need us to build a secure foundation for their future. That is our responsibility, because we are the generation that is now building the base they have as their starting point,” says Eri Kejser.

Eri Kejser CTGlobal

About Eri Kejser
Eri Kejser has worked in information security since 2008. She is experienced in a number of infrastructure and security disciplines: Network; Active Directory; firewall/AV; database updating; cloud migration; and ITIL processes, to name a few. She has worked with a mix of technologies, primarily Microsoft and Cisco. 

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Henrik Lei

About Henrik Christensen Lei
CTGlobal Director of Security and Identity.

Henrik Lei has worked in information security since 2002, and acted as CISO in global enterprises, including Lego and Velux. At CTGlobal, he heads up a team of security specialists who focus on the design, implementation and running of security frameworks that fully utilize all features and functions of Microsoft’s security solutions; and who help organizations apply the right people, processes and policies to build and maintain a tight security posture.

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About CTGlobal
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