Digitalization is definitely the key to better results. But naturally there is a flipside: All that change needs to be controlled.

By Kent Agerlund, CTGlobal Founder and Principal Consultant. Microsoft Regional Director and MVP in Enterprise Mobility.
August 24, 2020

Change is a constant in enterprise infrastructure. Changes in technologies, platforms, vendors, configurations. Changes in policies, procedures and regulations. Changes in requirements from the business, expectations from employees, wishes from customers.

IT’s role is to adopt the changes, and adapt to them to support change throughout the business.

And our role at CTGlobal is to help IT deliver. That’s why we developed Insight Analytics™ in the first place: To give IT teams a fighting chance to see what goes on in their infrastructure, so they can identify changes – intentional and unintentional – and do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

Accommodating different perspectives and priorities

In this latest version of Insight Analytics™, version 4.3, we’ve focused on features that help our customers customize the insights they receive from their infrastructure. Insights, that are never more important than when you are in the process of change.

We’ve chosen that focus because, when we speak to our customers, they all have different perspectives and different priorities when it comes to what they want or need to see.

And they have very different set-ups when it comes to i.e. monitoring, and reporting status and progress to the business:

We have customers who diligently monitor and analyze changes to the decimal. We have customers who focus only on the broad strokes and burning platforms. Most fall somewhere in between the two extremes.

But all of our customers naturally want Insight Analytics™ to be able to display the exact data they need, and to visualize it in a way that speaks to their particular team, and the rest of their particular business.

Version 4.3: Simpler and quicker to analyze insights

Customization is a helping hand for IT teams to address their individual change requirements, because it allows individuals and teams to decide what they want to see, and how they want to see it. Customization makes it simpler and quicker to analyze the insights from the Insight Analytics™ dashboard more accurately. It also makes it easier to convert the data into daily deliverables documenting and highlighting achievements and pain points, in efforts to support the changes driven by technological progress (and occasional regress!), and by the organization.

That is why, based on ongoing dialog with our customers, we have built features that make it easy for you to choose exactly how you want to represent the data you track.

We have also built a really cool goal tracker, that enables you to set goals for and track the deployment and performance of any given activity or task in your systems, down to the decimal and individual device.

And we have built a number of new connectors, that makes it easy to push data from even more data sources than before. And we can build more, on request.

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About Kent Agerlund:
CTGlobal Founder and Principal Consultant

Enterprise Client Management MVP & Microsoft Regional Director.
Microsoft Certified Trainer and Author.

Specialties: System Center Configuration Manager, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security suite and Microsoft Cloud technologies

Kent Agerlund frequently gives keynotes at top industry events, leading community groups and local initiatives around the world, and delivers webinars.

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Insight Analytics™ analyzes and visualizes the data from your infrastructure, and delivers a full overview of IT threats and potentials in an easy-to-read, customizable dashboard.

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