Henrik Behrend, who joins CTGlobal from the University of Copenhagen, brings extensive experience in managing large and complex infrastructures, with many and diverse user groups.

Copenhagen, Denmark – September 28, 2021 – CTGlobal, the IT consultancy and development company focused on cloud, data center, security and enterprise client management, and six times Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure Advanced Specialization Partner, today announced that Henrik Behrend joins the Cloud and Data Center Team as Senior Consultant.

The shift from on-prem to cloud is probably the biggest and most challenging change in infrastructure management since the internet made it possible to connect everyone and everything. As technology solution advisor and implementation experts, CTGlobal’s Cloud and Data Center Team work with a great number of organizations who wish to migrate all or parts of their infrastructure to cloud, and who are unsure of how, when and what to migrate.

It’s to help these customers that Henrik Behrend joins the team, from a position at the University of Copenhagen. The university an enterprise-sized organization with 10-15,000 employees – primarily academic, administrative and facilities staff – and 40-50,000 students who come and go, and use their own devices to connect to the university’s systems.

Understanding the IT real estate
Consequently, he has a substantial infrastructure background from a Microsoft environment, and has worked with MSSQL for the past five years.

“One of the prerequisites for a successful cloud migration is to understand the real estate you are trying to move. That’s why we are really pleased to have a capacity like Henrik on board: His understanding of the SQL platform, of server management and of the many different business requirements that enterprises with very diverse user groups have, is a hugely valuable addition to our cloud and data center team. I am confident our customers will benefit from his expertise and experience,” says Brian Fahrenholtz, Managing Consultant and Partner at CTGlobal.

At the forefront of cloud migration
Henrik Behrend is looking forward to making the transition to life as a consultant and to going all-in on cloud migration:

“It will be a big change for me to works as a consultant and continuously enter into new contexts – people-wise and technology-wise. But it’s a change I really look forward to: It’s a great opportunity to explore new technology challenges in different work environments. I have been wanting to sink my teeth into cloud solutions for a long time, and working with the CTGlobal team I know I will be at the forefront of the fascinating transformation organizations are currently undertaking,” says Henrik Behrend.

Henrik Behrend will be working out of CTGlobal’s headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

About Henrik Behrend
Henrik Behrend comes to CTGlobal after 10 years at University of Copenhagen. He is an IT technician with a degree in Computer Engineering, and is Azure certified.

You can connect with Henrik on LinkedIn

About CTGlobal
CTGlobal is an IT consultancy and development company focused on cloud, data center, security and enterprise client management. The corporate HQ is based in Denmark with offices in the Baltics and North America. The company was founded in 1999.

CTGlobal is Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialized Partner for Windows Server and SQL Migration to Azure; and Gold Partner in Application Integration; Windows and Devices; Cloud Platform; Cloud Productivity; Datacenter; and Security.

CTGlobal’s experts speak and teach at leading international seminars and conferences.

CTGlobal helps enterprises maximize return on their investments in Microsoft technologies, by analyzing and visualizing threats to compliance, security and performance in their IT infrastructure, and prioritize tasks and resources accordingly. CTGlobal is renowned for expert solutions and recognized as leaders in the field of technology management and infrastructure visualization.


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