With Insight Analytics™ we help you make sure your digital tools are implemented as they were in intended: As a cause of relief and empowerment, not frustration and obstruction.

By Lisbeth Gjørup Petersen, Insight Analytics™ Business Development Manager
August 24, 2020

The more systems we interact with, the harder it is to keep up, because our rational intelligence is working overtime. When systems aren’t implemented with the user in mind, the result for a lot of people is stress and a poor work environment.

It is simply not helpful if the employees’ most important work tools are unstable and performing badly. It’s demotivating and stress-provoking – the numbers are frightening!

Enter enterprise IT, designated fixers and miracle workers of technology.

Their role is to ensure that the organization’s end users only experience the rainbows-and-unicorns side of digital transformation.

Which is tricky. In large part because it is very complicated to actually see what goes on within a large infrastructure. And it is very hard to figure out what to look for. Because the end users rarely tell you when something’s wrong – usually because they didn’t realize it could be any different, or because they don’t like to complain.

Shine a light on what you are doing

CTGlobal’s Insight Analytics™ tool was developed by our enterprise management experts to help keep that technology-dream alive, by given IT teams a fighting chance, by shining a light on what they are doing. Based on many years of hands-on experience in the engine rooms of global enterprises, our guys know what it is that makes the difference between successful and disastrous performance on the user side.

They built Insight Analytics™ to pull all of that infrastructure information out into the open, and display it in an easy-to-act-on dashboard.

With the insights we – and you – can extract and analyze based on this dashboard visualization, we help our customers make sure digital tools are implemented so that they actually work, and deliver a better user experience throughout the organization. Our customers can track if all the shiny new technologies actually work on the end users’ devices: Did Teams actually roll successfully out across the organization. Are some devices constantly crashing, frustrating the users? Are boot times incredibly long, for some user groups?

And the beauty is that when you have enough data, you can usually analyze your way to the why – and then you can fix it, to the delight and eternal gratitude of your organization.

Version 4.3 highlights:

In the latest version of Insight Analytics™, version 4.3 we have focused on customization – that’s because our customers are always looking for new ways to get more granular in their problem-solving, and always looking for ways to more easily communicate issues and results to colleagues, bosses and other parts of the organization, when relevant. This requires a very flexible user interface, and the ability to pinpoint precisely the infrastructure data they need to focus on – not just whatever is made available based on generic choices made by people outside of your organization.

So, here are the new features, and what you can do with them:

  • NEW: Goal Tracking. Enter your project goals and deadlines into the Insight Analytics™ dashboard. This gives you an overview of how your projects are progressing. It also gives you a prognosis for whether or not you will finish on time, given the current resources and effort.
  • NEW: Custom Charts. Display your custom queries in any type of Insight Analytics™ widget you prefer. This feature has been a big wish from many of you, and we are very pleased to be able to deliver.


  • NEW: Integration with Azure Log Analytics
  • NEW: SQL Connector
  • NEW: Integration with Microsoft Desktop Analytics and Windows Connected User Experience
  • IMPROVED: Client State. We have increased the number of data sources we integrate with, to make Insight Analytics™ more unique. We now have connectors for: Cisco Umbrella; Palo Alto Traps; SNOW; Heimdal

You can find more info on Insight Analytics™ here, including a full feature list, and how to book a demo

I hope you enjoy the improvements we have made – if you have any questions or suggestions you are always welcome to get in touch with me.

Lisbeth G. Petersen,
Insight Analytics™ Business Development Manager at CTGlobal

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About Lisbeth Gjørup Petersen:
Lisbeth Gjørup Petersen is Business Development Manager for Insight Analytics at CTGlobal. Her focus is on strengthening the customer journey – from onboarding to adoption, to ongoing value creation and user satisfaction. Lisbeth Gjørup Petersen has extensive experience with enterprise adoption of IT, having worked with IT project management in large Danish organizations, including Copenhagen and Frederiksberg municipalities, and the Danish National Police.

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