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CTGlobal’s Andreas Sobczyk speaks at Microsoft Ignite in Stockholm on Azure Governance and Azure-native VM Management Tools.


Many organizations start off in the wrong place and lose out on the benefits of Azure tools and services. In two sessions, Microsoft MVP Andreas Sobczyk shares his extensive experience on best practice Azure Governance and VM.

CTGlobal is proud to announce that our very own Andreas Sobczyk will be speaking today at Microsoft Ignite. Andreas will be delivering two sessions – one on Azure Governance, and one on Azure-native VM Management Tools.

As Senior Consultant at CTGlobal and Microsoft MVP, Andreas has extensive, hands-on experience in delivering best practice Azure solutions to enterprises.

In his Azure-native VM Management Tools” session, Andreas demonstrates how the cloud native Virtual Machine management tools in Azure can help you to manage your Windows and Linux machines in any cloud or data center:

“Many organizations are not aware of the many benefits of using the cloud-native VM management tools to manage their virtual machines and how to use the to manage virtual machines, regardless of whether they are running Linux or Windows, Azure, AWS or on-premises,” explains Andreas Sobczyk. In his session he will explain how the tools can facilitate a more unified and automated management platform for virtual machines, and how powerful they are when combined with ARM templates and policies for Azure VMs and Windows Admin Center for on-premises workloads.

In the session “Stay in control on your cloud journey – Azure Governance”, Andreas looks at why it is crucial for organizations to define a governance strategy at the start of the cloud journey.

“Many companies start their Azure journey by deploying resources to deliver new services without thinking about how to secure and manage their new Azure data center. Often it is only far too late in the process that they realize how critical it is to have defined a governance model for Azure at the very onset, to stay in control and compliant,” says Andreas Sobczyk.

In his session he dives into some of those services that helps the organization stay in control and still deliver a flexible and dynamic platform, using Azure Policies and Automation, monitor compliancy using Azure Monitor, and use Log Analytics and Azure Blueprint to create a template for provisioning new subscriptions. Attendees will also learn how to: define a subscription hierarchy using Management groups; use role-based access control and limits to permissions to resources, and manage budgets and cost using Cost Management and Power BI.

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