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IT Security QuickGuide and How-To Guide

How do you know if you are ‘secure enough’? If you are like 9 out of 10 businesses, you don’t! We’ve put together two guides: A QuickGuide to help take your IT security temperature. And a How-To guide, with practical steps to get you started.

Get on board with the cloud-connected workplace

Cloud-based enterprises who had embraced modern management and the digital workplace sailed right through the shifts in IT requirements. Here are a few pointers from CTGlobal, to how you can catch up.

COVID-19 and Enterprise IT

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting us all, and has put a huge strain on enterprise IT – on performance, on security and on compliance. On this page, we have compiled a number of CTGlobal resources to address the issues organizations face.

Azure Governance – how to do it right!

Azure Governance – how to do it right! In this video, Andreas Sobczyk, Microsoft MVP in Azure and CTGlobal Senior Consultant runs through what you should be aware of, when you move to the cloud.

How Insight Analytics benefits your business

Insight Analytics from CTGlobal

Download this e-book on how Insight Analytics benefits your business. Get industry analysts’ insights and learnings on how to drastically minimize downtime and improve your organization’s efficiency and bottom line if you understand your infrastructure data and know the state of your IT environment.

One hybrid data center, medium size, please

Azure Stack Hub by CTGlobal

There are no off-the-shelf hybrid data center product out there, so you need to build the solution that suits your organization. Choosing the best mix of cloud and traditional IT infrastructure requires thorough groundwork, to fully understand your businesses storage requirements today and in the future.