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Danish Parliament

The Danish Parliament experiences satisfied users and a vastly improved security posture after using the Update Frontend tool to deploy updates painlessly throughout the organization. “It’s amazing. Simple as that. With the upgrade tool it’s a brand-new world – we don’t need to force or lead people by the hand; we can simply nudge,” says Thomas Hjortevang, System Programmer at the Danish Parliament.

  • Industry: Government

  • CTGlobal product: Update Frontend tool for CTGlobal Insight Analytics

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Braathe Gruppen

Braathe Gruppen has improved capacity, stability, efficiency and return on their IT investment, after CTGlobal implemented and deployed a new fabric design for their Hyper-Converged Datacenter.

  • Industry: Cloud Services and IT products

  • CTGlobal solution: Fabric Design for Hyper-Converged Datacenter

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Grundfos, the world’s largest producer of water pumps, uses CTGlobal Insight Analytics to optimize user experience, increase employee satisfaction and reduce the need for expensive investigations into infrastructure disruptions.

  • Industry: Energy and Utilities

  • CTGlobal product: CTGlobal Insight Analytics

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“CTGlobal installed our S2D solution with configuration based on both the vendor’s and the community best practices in a highly automated and controlled process. This gives us 100% insight in what was configured and it creates trust both for the solution and for CTGlobal as a partner.”

Hampus Nordanfjäll, IT Operations, Aller

  • Industry: Media

  • CTGlobal product: CTGlobal Storage Spaces Direct

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“With CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ I transformed my business insights from Zero to Hero in less than 30 minutes.”

Michael Welten, Technology Coordinator, Bunge Inc.

  • Industry: Agribusiness

  • CTGlobal product: CTGlobal Insight Analytics

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