At MMS (Midwest Management Summit) on May 14-17, CTGlobal is again bringing a talented team of top developers, Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen, Morten Meisler and Kristo Kruuser who will be competing against a professional team from Microsoft at Hackathon.

In line with previous years, this Hackathon is entirely driven by inputs, ideas and solutions provided by the IT professionals participating in the conference. On the first day of the conference, the project will be developed and for the next three to four days, the two teams will work as far as possible on the project. On the last day of the conference, the final results will be presented, and the participants will vote for the winner.

For the last two years, CTGlobal team has won the Hackathon at MMS, and Svendsen is confident that they will repeat the success again this year. ”Using brute force and far out ideas, we will conquer the conference and Hackathon, leaving the enemies in the dust. Pushing the entertainment to over level 9000. CTGlobal is ready to rule once again,” shared by a smiling Viking, Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen.

Attendees are encouraged to get ready to share challenges they encounter and solutions that will meet their specific business needs. Microsoft and CTGlobal will bring their vision to life, creating a product roadmap for a more efficient and streamlined user experience for everyone.