CTGlobal is proud to have Bo Rejnholt on our DK team in a newly created position as Global Program Manager.

Rejnholt, who has many years of project management experience, is responsible for managing the overall and ongoing service delivery and projects for assigned CTGlobal customers, including close cooperation with onboarding customers that utilize CTGlobal Insight Analytics and related managed services.

“By having Rejnholt on the CTGlobal team, we look forward to being able to strengthen our project deliveries and expect that this will increase customer satisfaction. All in all, you will have a much better customer experience”- Kent Agerlund, Principal Consultant, CTGlobal.

“When the opportunity to become a part of an innovative forward-looking team comes knocking – one should always consider it very carefully. When the team seems to consist of the world’s most prominent and proven skills in Client Management and Data Center technologies – then it’s just not enough to consider but you really have to give it a try” – Bo Rejnholt

An engaging, professional and knowledgeable force, Rejnholt brings a refreshing presence and expertise to the CTGlobal team!