Oslo, Norway, September, 2017 – Stian Myhre Olsen, Senior Consultant, has joined the rapidly expanding Norwegian team at CTGlobal. Olsen has over a decade of technical experience that required hands-on problem solving from the start. He was challenged to learn by doing and by rising to that challenge, he has developed a confidence and expertise that is completely unique. Olsen’s abilities and enthusiasm shone through to our Norwegian consultants and business development manager and before long, he had been recruited from customer status to a member of our global team. With his expertise in Automation and Configuration Manager, Olsen is eager to provide solutions and share knowledge with customers everywhere.

Olsen shares, “This is an unbelievable opportunity to work with some of the greatest minds in the global community. We have so much great energy and power between us and I hope to enhance that in a unique way. I’ve always had to find my way by doing and I believe that has prepared me to take on any challenge our customers encounter.”