CTGlobal has announced its latest optimization offering, CTGlobal Insight Analytics™, a visualization and data monitoring tool that promises to optimize any enterprise. Providing a clear view of a company’s data and enabling customers to drill down to specific areas, this tool empowers enterprise to streamline work flow, increase productivity, avoid common pitfalls, and support evolution in the digital age.

CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ collects all relevant information from the Customer Environment and sends it through a secure protocol to our service in Azure. It creates an easy, safe, and secure means of synchronizing to the cloud. It provides secure insight, client activity and performance, insecure application detection, endpoint protection, mobile device support, software deployment and compliance, and operating system deployment. It will support enterprise in the modern workplace, empowering customers to take business to new heights.

“With CTGlobal Insight Analytics™, I transformed my business insights from zero to hero in less than 30 minutes.” – Michael Welten, Technology Coordinator, Bunge, Inc.

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