The digitization of the Danish Public Sector is in full swing and the next two-day conference “Offentlig Digitalisering 2018” (Public Digitization 2018) in Aarhus, DK, is all about that. CTGlobal is participating and our expert team will show, among other things, how visualization can help the Digital Transformation.

Denmark has to digitize, also the Public Sector, and therefore the Danish organization, “Dansk IT” is conducting the conference on 14th and 15th of March focusing on the digitization of the Danish Public Sector.

Two very important tools that can help digitize and increase productivity, are CTGlobal Insight Analytics™, a visualization tool from CTGlobal and Microsoft’s Azure Stack, an innovative technology that differs from traditional Cloud Solutions on the market.

CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ is a digital dashboard that collects and displays essential information about the IT infrastructure in a simple and easy way. The overview provided by CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ ensures both increased productivity and improved user satisfaction.

Azure Stack is a Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Solution, based on Azure’s own Cloud Platform. Azure Stack is designed to help businesses and organizations deliver the many different services that Azure offers, directly from the company or the organization’s own Data Center.

One of the exciting features of Azure Stack is that it combines Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in a software stack that can range from local solutions to Microsoft’s own Azure Cloud.

CTGlobal, a Microsoft Gold Partner, will be ready at “Offentlig Digitalisering 2018”, booth 34, to show and tell how visualization, insight and Azure Stack can help the Digital Transformation in the Public Sector.
We look forward to meeting you at booth 34 tomorrow!