License agreements, implementation, and development of solutions that secure future SME resellers in the IT industry, are the cornerstones of the collaboration between the two companies.

Copenhagen, May 5, 2020 – IT distributor ALSO Denmark and IT consultant and development house CTGlobal combine their expertise to improve the quality of IT solutions in small and medium-sized Danish companies

As an IT distributor with an extensive network of suppliers around it and an international organization behind it, ALSO Denmark has accumulated thorough insights into the IT needs experienced by smaller companies, over the past 20 years. With the recently formalized collaboration with CTGlobal, which has 20 years of experience designing and implementing software and hardware solutions in companies around the world, this understanding of smaller companies is enhanced by a technological insight that has so far only benefited the country’s largest organizations:

“From working with some of Denmark’s – and the world’s – largest and most complicated infrastructures, CTGlobal has built an expertise that enables them to predict what expectations, needs and problems ALSO’s dealer network must be able to meet and solve. Because that is what the retail network’s customers – the smaller companies – will demand in the future,” says Rasmus Rimhoff, Solution Sales Director at ALSO Denmark, and continues:

“Together with CTGlobal, ALSO Denmark will continue to support our partners in their journey towards the cloud. The collaboration will help develop both companies through business development, competence enhancement and investment of resources so that we can boost each other,” he predicts.

The issues the supertankers experience today, will hit smaller businesses tomorrow

CTGlobal sits in the engine room of some of the most forward-looking and innovative companies globally – companies that always have to be 10 steps ahead with their IT solutions. These large and complex organizations prepare every day for the challenges their infrastructure will face in the future, in terms of security, operational efficiency, data storage and access, and user satisfaction. And the issues that the spearhead organizations are grappling with today, represent the issues that the smaller companies will face tomorrow.

“Where the big, established players typically have enough resources, both in terms of manpower and finances, and enough market share and capital to keep their cool and set the pace in their respective industries and geographies, the smaller businesses must survive on their ability to adapt and address trends and crises as they arise. They do not have the time, or opportunity, to plan for the long term, and cannot influence developments to the same extent. On the other hand, they are very quick to adopt new solutions: If we have evidence that a specific technology or model works and win among the ‘supertankers’, and if we can present it as a ready-made fix, we know that the ‘speedboats’ will gladly adopt the ideas and solutions,” says Peter Odgaard-Jensen, CEO at CTGlobal.

Insights and expertise from two angles

And this is exactly where the collaboration between CTGlobal and ALSO Denmark finds its strength:

The practical experience and extensive expertise in tailor-made solutions, that CTGlobal brings to the table from the enterprise segment, usually cannot be transferred directly to a small business which does not have time for major academic exercises, but instead needs a plug-and-play solution that works from day one. That is where ALSO Denmark, with its SMB reseller network, can contribute unique insights into how the specially designed solutions can be translated into the needs of the smaller companies.

Both Rasmus Rimhoff and Peter Odgaard-Jensen look forward to the collaboration that has been underway for a long time: “Our organizations have worked together across several projects for a while, and we already have a good understanding of each other. Our positive history has made us confident in each other’s business models, and that is the best starting point one could wish for,” states Rasmus Rimhoff

This is how ALSO Denmark’s network can benefit from the collaboration with CTGlobal in practice

An example of how ALSO Denmark’s network benefits from the collaboration is in the cloud area:

These days, cloud technology proves its worth as the absolute best way to keep a business afloat when employees are scattered around all the profits and have to access their workplace.

But even before the Corona crisis, cloud migration of infrastructure was rapidly evolving, and in the past year many companies have begun to migrate to cloud solutions.

In an enterprise-size organization (250 employees or more) will develop a detailed model of how to manage cloud migration to maintain control over the specific infrastructure that is being migrated.

If you do not have a plan and a precise overview, you risk drowning in security problems, functionality issues and software licensing costs that run out of control.

In a smaller company, on the other hand, you cannot spend the same amount of resources on planning the process – you just need something that works right away.

The recommended standards that CTGlobal has developed and tested in the large companies can be adapted and used as the basis for the implementation in the smaller companies, thus avoiding that the transition to new technology results in loss of control, and ending in an infrastructure that is highly manageable, maintenance-friendly and scalable for future requirements.

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