Visualization is the key to providing better insight into a company’s IT infrastructure, thus leading to a more efficient business focusing on flexibility and better security.

CTGlobal has partnered with Swedish 2Pint Software that ensures integration between the software solutions of the companies. The partnership will also give 2Pint Software customers access to the best technical resources of the industry at CTGlobal when 2Pint Software solutions are to be implemented.

“We needed talented technical consultants to install our software at the customers located in both EMEA and US. We knew CTGlobal from several events and knew they had the best consultants in the market. Therefore, we reached out and suggested a partnership,” shared by Andreas Hammarskjöld, Co-Founder at 2Pint Software.

“2Pint Software is the market leader when it comes to network management, and their visualization of the network with their StifleR™ fits perfectly with our CTGlobal Insight Analytics™. Together, we can give companies a complete overview of their IT infrastructure,” says Peter Odgaard-Jensen, CEO at CTGlobal.

StifleR™ from 2Pint Software retrieves data from the entire Windows network, especially Peer-to-Peer features such as BranchCache & Delivery Optimization, and when the data is forwarded to CTGlobal Insight Analytics™, the company gains the complete insight into the company’s IT infrastructure – everything from network service to password resets.

“Our partnership with CTGlobal makes it easy for our customers to see their patch level on the dashboard, and when combined with our StifleR™ they can find the reason why the patch level is not the same or is on the required level,” says Andreas Hammerskjöld.

“Along with 2Pint Software, we are now able to offer both their and our customers a helicopter view of all the data that is already being accumulated, enabling companies to optimize their business, become more flexible and get higher security for their IT infrastructure,” concluded by Peter Odgaard-Jensen.

About CTGlobal

CTGlobal, headquartered in Denmark, has some of the most skilled experts in the world. Our consultants help companies worldwide optimizing their investments in Microsoft System Center and Cloud Platform technologies. Our CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ ensures clear visualization of the company’s servers through simple dashboards.

About 2Pint Software

Sweden based 2Pint Software provides the new management standard for efficient Software Distribution, leveraging the latest Microsoft™ Bandwidth Management technologies and the Microsoft™ Peer-to-Peer networking ecosystem. This enables their customers to deliver software faster, and more reliably, anywhere in the world, bypassing the need for expensive server infrastructure for global software distribution.