After COVID-19:

When your users come back to the office, you need to be ready

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting us all, and has put a huge strain on enterprise IT – on performance, on security and on compliance. It’s been a challenge to have end users working from home. But now, IT teams have to prepare for when they come back.

This includes making sure all programs are updated, conducting risk assessments and prioritization, and ensuring the right people, resources and processes are in place, to secure smooth docking for endpoints returning to the mothership.

On this page, we have compiled a number of CTGlobal resources to help you prepare:

Office 365 by CTGlobal

Webinars in English

Office 365 by CTGlobal

On demand:

How Modern Management helps Enterprise IT through the current crisis

We dive into how to organizations who have fully deployed modern management are experiencing a lot less problems in the current crisis.

COVID19 Webinar Headaches client management

On demand

COVID-19 – The Headaches it Creates for Enterprise Client Management

CTGlobal and The Consulate General of Denmark in New York invite you to attend this webinar

Webinars in Danish, hosted by ALSO Group

Also webinar covid-19

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Salgslevel 200: Hvordan forbereder du dit Microsoft klient-miljø til, når du og dine kunder skal tilbage på arbejdspladsen?

Also webinar covid-19

Watch on demand

Teknik level 200: Hvordan forbereder du dit Microsoft klient-miljø til, når du og dine kunder skal tilbage på arbejdspladsen?

Blog posts

Skyline Working from Home

COVID-19 and Enterprise IT: When working from home isn’t working so well…

Kids, dogs and spouses everywhere – all laced with heavy doses of connectivity and hardware issues: Enterprise IT struggles, when all users move from their desks to their coffee tables.

By Peter Odgaard-Jensen

Microsoft vulnerability Covid-19

COVID-19: IT Security is bumped back. Remember to check, if updates are successful

A remote code execution vulnerability disclosed in SMBv3 highlights the stress enterprise security is under, with most of the workforce working from remote.

By Kent Agerlund

Cloud Security by CTGlobal

COVID-19: How does your business get back on its IT tracks, when users flood back

Enterprises have made security and compliance compromises, and put performance and stability first. They need a plan for how to recover.

By Peter Odgaard-Jensen

Modern Management by CTGlobal

COVID-19: How to prepare for when your users get back to the office

Security and control are the IT victims of COVID-19 – here’s how you get ready for getting back to normal.

By Kent Agerlund

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