Coretech won the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2015 award in the category of Management & Virtualization. On 5th of November 2015, Microsoft held its annual Partner Award ceremony where Coretech, for the third consecutive year, was nominated as the Management & Virtualization partner of the year and for the first time was nominated in the category of Deployment as well. “The award for the Danish Management & Virtualization Partner of the Year goes to Coretech because they have managed to increase the investments in their own skills and thereby deliver a continuous growth and have specialized in providing clean Azure solutions. Their high competence has resulted in good sales progress, strong growth and satisfied customers “, Mr. Søren Østergaard Rinnov, Partner Sales Manager from Microsoft Denmark said.


Denmark has approximately 3,700 Microsoft partners of which 47 were nominated for Awards in 27 different categories. In the category of Management & Virtualization, Coretech received the partner of the year award, and we gladly admit that we are proud and feel extremely honored.
Four years ago, we decided to execute a focused strategy where the main directions were systems management based on Microsoft System Center suite and Microsoft Cloud Services, as well as technical knowledge on a high level and competence within these technologies.
Our experience tells us that all of our customers can benefit from the implemented IT Management tools when used correctly. Similarly, when the business processes are supported, monitored and possibly automated by System Center and cloud platforms, visible benefits are to be gained in productivity and efficiency.
That is exactly where Coretech thrives in working with Microsoft and our customers – and that is precisely what Management & Virtualization award acknowledges. During the past 4 years, Coretech has grown immensely and in addition to several new colleagues in the Danish office, we have expanded and established our business in Norway, Benelux and Estonia where the local staff is driven and motivated by the same technical enthusiasm for System Center and Microsoft Cloud Services as Coretech DK.
As the market is heading towards cloud, System Center has become even more critical for enterprises. That is due to the fact that management and monitoring in the hybrid environments has become necessary in terms of reaping savings and gaining benefits from the great scalability with cloud for instance.

A huge thank you to our talented employees, our customers and Microsoft for the fruitful cooperation!