What about your work day would you change if you could? We can’t make the day shorter or the pay higher but we can give you the opportunity to effect real change in how your business runs. For the second year running, Microsoft and Coretech will bring a hackathon to the Midwest Management Summit, completely driven by input, ideas and solutions provided by the IT professionals in attendance. For three days in May at MMS, attendees will suggest changes to a product. Teams from Microsoft and Coretech will bring these changes to life, developing features that will improve functionality and enhance user experience.

This effective and valuable exercise turns great ideas into great possibility. Through it, Microsoft proves its commitment to its customers and its open-mindedness it has toward its community. The hackathon will empower IT professionals on many levels to provide solutions tailored to your business needs. Breaking down silos, eliminating unnecessary roadblocks and otherwise enhancing productivity are a few of the solutions the hackathon can provide, all driven by IT development based directly on your specific business.

Coretech is thrilled to be represented this year by three industry leaders who will help develop the solutions provided by the MMS attendees. Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen, Ronnie Krarup Jakobsen and Morton Meisler will lead the Coretech effort in collaboration with the Microsoft team. Attendees are encouraged to come ready to share challenges they encounter and solutions that will meet their specific business needs. Microsoft and Coretech will bring their vision to life, creating a product roadmap for a more efficient and streamlined user experience for all.