Copenhagen, Denmark, January, 2017 – Steven Wood has joined Coretech as a Senior Consultant specializing in Identity and Security. With over a decade of focus in this specialized area, Wood brings unmatched insight and valuable perspective to the Coretech team. As client security needs inevitably grow and as attackers become more sophisticated, Wood’s expertise will assist clients in better fortifying their protection and provide them with a foundation for future security needs. From a time when data could be safely kept behind a firewall to today, when enterprises have users, data and services within and without, Wood understands the evolving needs in identity and security as well as maintains a strong commitment to the end user experience.

Coretech’s focus remains on specialization and providing expert led service to its clients. Wood insists that service includes the understanding that superior security can be provided without disruption to workflow. “Ideally, we will make a seamless user experience for users so that their data, identity, and devices are secured, regardless of where they are working from.” He says.

CEO, Peter Odgaard shares, “We look forward to leveraging this perspective and expertise to enhance our client experience around identity and security. More targeted cyber attacks require an equally precise and specialized defense. We are confident that Steven Wood and the Coretech Global team will deliver just that.”

Woods adds, “I want our space to be somewhere in between devices, networks and tools and the focus on the end user. Security should never be an obstacle and productivity should never be compromised for the sake of protection. Workflow will not change; protection will be in place. We will do this for our users.”