Copenhagen, Denmark, January, 2017 – Coretech Global has welcomed another exceptionally skilled consultant to its Denmark team. Thomas Marcussen comes to Coretech with over a decade in the industry. An effective and highly detailed project manager, he takes his place among our dedicated team of professionals and leaders. Marcussen is touted for his ability to thin slice critical information and effectively assess client needs. He is a leader and critical thinker, constantly challenging the norms to create unique solutions. His role in the design and implementation of infrastructure and technology solutions over the past ten years paired with his fresh perspective makes him a valuable addition as Coretech continues to grow.

CEO Peter Odgaard shares, “Thomas challenges the same old way of doing things. His skill set and knowledge are vast and remain current. We feel this combination will be disruptive in the best possible way and welcome his unique approach.”

Bringing new eyes to the Coretech is just the beginning. Marcussen plans to leverage his expertise in networking, security and virtualization to bring expert led service to clients. “I’m excited to join this dedicated team. They are the leaders in our field, the best of the best.”