More and more enterprises migrate their infrastructures to the cloud. Claus Sønderstrup brings his expertise to the CTGlobal team, to help our customers get up there in a smooth and orderly fashion.

Copenhagen, Denmark — September 15, 2020 — CTGlobal, the IT consultancy and development company focused on cloud, data center, security and enterprise client management, and four times Microsoft Gold Partner, today announced Claus Sønderstrup as new Senior Consultant for Cloud and Data Center in Denmark, focusing on Microsoft Azure and cloud migration.

With 20 years of infrastructure experience, including 14 as a consultant, Claus Sønderstrup has more or less seen it all, in terms of what organizations need, want and expect from their technology choices and ambitions. Whether it’s storage, day-to-day performance, software licensing or security requirements, Claus is well-versed in the challenges and potential for large organizations who strive to build and maintain a high-performing, secure and cost-effective IT infrastructure.

First-mover enterprises prove cloud is the future
His extensive experience is what led him to recognize the potential in cloud technology when it first emerged:
“I started out in traditional on-prem infrastructure, but switched definitively to cloud three years ago – cloud is clearly the future, and three years ago was when the market was reaching maturity. It’s been a slow and gradual process, but now – particularly in the past year – the first mover enterprises have proven to their colleagues and competitors that it’s possible to migrate, without ensuing disaster. These first-hand success stories have emboldened the organizations who were biding their time, and now the world has truly started to shift,” says Claus Sønderstrup about the development he has witnessed in the corporate mindset.

Claus Sønderstrup, CTGlobal Senior Consultant in Cloud and Data Center

Brian Fahrenholtz, CTGlobal Managing Consultant and Partner, is very pleased to have Claus join the team: “Claus is just the right combination of solid IT experience and inquisitive mind to help our customers succeed in their cloud journey. He has travelled the traditional on-prem road, so he knows where our customers are anchored. And he appreciates the potential of cloud, so he is enthusiastic about helping our customers truly appreciate and benefit from all the opportunities inherent in the new technologies,” says Brian Fahrenholtz, who heads up Cloud and Data Center Team.

Stronger sense of urgency
Claus Sønderstrup joins CTGlobal at a time where cloud expertise is in high demand. After the Corona pandemic hit the world with all its ramifications — which in the IT industry predominately related to workforces and their devices moving physically from on-premises to private homes; and to global supply chains being broken — many organizations have felt a stronger sense of urgency to be able to operate independently of the physical realm, and are more inclined to secure their virtual operations and capabilities.

“This transformation organizations are going through is very positive, in my opinion. The thing about cloud technology is that it makes life much better for most organizations: When adopted correctly, it’s almost a miracle in terms of controlling IT cost, and the flexibility and scalability it facilitates is a gift to budgets and planning exercises. Of course, not all organizations want to go cloud-only just yet. Most will end up going hybrid, because there’s so much hard-coded legacy in large enterprises. I believe it will stay that way for the next 10-15 years,” says Claus Sønderstrup, who looks forward to working with his new team mates: “I appreciate CTGlobal’s core values – particularly ‘honesty’– and the room for initiative and autonomy which I sense is prevalent. It will be great to work with the highly competent people on the team,” he concludes.

About Claus Sønderstrup:
Claus Sønderstrup specializes in Microsoft Azure, virtualization, and server/client architecture. He has worked with infrastructure design and implementation for many years (Microsoft and VMware platform) and has worked on enterprise-size Azure projects since 2017.
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